Best Hiking Boots Under $100 in 2019

Do you love to do hiking once in a month or year? Maybe Yes and No too, but keeping hiking boots in your wardrobe should be your choice. Yes, they even look trendy while going for adventurous trips. The latest trend of everyone has lightweight boots with solid, durable material and also don’t hurt your legs while hiking. If you are the one who spends lazy Sunday walking through dense forests with friends, then we’ll be introducing the best hiking boots under $100 for your adventurous trips.

You can easily purchase hiking boots under 100$ with just a few clicks away or walking some distance to the nearest store. But wait, you should think upon various aspects before investing hard-earned cash in such hiking boots. Before you tie the knot of your favorite hiking boots and go for hiking. It is advised that you should go through our well-researched buying guide of hiking boots to get a perfect fit.

best hiking boots under 100

Buying Guide for hiking boots

  • If you consistently do hiking, then going with a famous brand will be your choice. But fancy logos and well-reputed brands don’t mean they will give you the perfect fit. Hence we are in the hunt to find the best hiking boots for almost everyone.
  • Remember whenever you think of purchasing boots, it’s unbelievable to say that your foot size increases in the daytime. Yes, it’s true; you should buy your boots mostly in mornings or afternoon. Due to which you’ll get the perfect fit without any pain during adventurous trips.
  • You are wearing trendy and classy hiking boots which is not wrong. But the material of sole matters a lot than lo If you are a serious hiker, then you’ll surely go for the perfect fit and material rather than looks.
  • While purchasing, remember, your boots size should be big enough that your toes shouldn’t touch the front of the boots. In simpler words, even if have you laced up, there should be a gap between your toes and the front side of boots. Keeping this in mind, you’ll surely enhance the chances of getting a perfect match.

Factors to consider before buying hiking boots

There are various aspects which you should think upon before purchasing hiking boots. The final decision will be your choice. We’ll still guide you to get that perfect classy shoes for your exciting trips.

  • Waterproof protectionHaving that muddy water is definitely no for you. It will surely make you uncomfortable and give you rashes. You should always purchase waterproof hiking boots to have that soothing comfort zone.
  • Padded collarYou should actually enjoy each moment during trips. Hiking collars should be thick enough to assure you comfort zone with proper ankle support.
  • Injury concern – Your trip can become challenging if you face injuries while hiking. Yes, the reason for injury can be your hiking boots. Mostly leg cramps and twisted anklesare the significant injuries concern. In such cases, you need more ankle support from your hiking boots
  • Weight of your boots– Mostly hikers prefers light-weight boots because it’s easy to climb even on rough terrains. The weight of your boots can make your trips terrible because you’ll be carrying extra pounds on your foot, which is a bit tiring.
  • Foot support You can slip or have some serious injury issues if your boots cannot show their best under pressure. Your hiking boots should give the best support every time to avoid injuries. You should always purchase orthotics insoles before trekking for safety purposes.

This guide will surely help you with your next hiking trips. Invest smartly and choose wisely your next hiking boots under 100 dollars.


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