Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under $100

You might have spent nights near the Himalayas shivering, and the borne fire didn’t work out due to extreme cooling conditions. In such cases, you become helpless and keep waiting for the bright sunlight.Backpacking sleeping bags will act as a beneficial friend for you.

It is exceptionally satisfying sleeping in a comfortable bag after a tiring day. A perfect sleeping bag will give you that warm feeling throughout the night. There are many aspects which play a significant role while purchasing the best and comfortable sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags come in different sizes, features and some are specially meant for a particular destination. To help you purchase a sleeping bag for your next adventurous trip. We have researched a lot for hours and gathered the best relevant data for you.

Our buying guide of sleeping bags will make your next hiking trip cosier, comfortable and easier. Don’t ever try to choose sleeping blindly; you’ll land up into problem and lose both comfort and money. Hope you got it! Let’s checkout the buying guide and essential aspects to consider while purchasing a highly-comfortable sleeping bag.

Buying Guide for backpacking sleeping bags

  • It’s not about features and logos when you buy a perfect sleeping for yourself. You should always see the ratings and reviews before you purchase a sleeping bag. Remember never blindly trust on well-reputed brands. It doesn’t mean you’ll get that comfort zone in costly sleeping bags.
  • Always go for a feature-rich sleeping bag which is light in weight and easy to handle. There areseveral backpacks for different weather conditions. Always go for a backpack which suits your destination’s weather conditions.
  • If you are a regular traveller and curios about different destinations, then opt for an all-weather sleeping bag. Such sleeping bags can cost some extra bucks but better than seasonal bags.
  • Seasonal bags have different temperature ratings according to the weather. Always check the temperature rating before you choose a sleeping bag.
  • If you are an activetraveller or trekker, then purchase a mummy bag. Mummy bag ensures more comfort to your feet and keeps them warm for a longer time. You should buy a mummy bag if you want to enjoy the best comfort zone by spending few bucks.
  • If you are a tall individual and have some extra pounds, then choose a rectangular sleeping bag which is wider enough to offer ultimate relaxation.

Essential factors to consider before purchasing a backpacking sleeping bag

  • Weight of sleeping bagThe more you opt for a warmer bag; you’ll be unhappy while carrying a heavy sleeping bag. When you buy a sleeping bag, see the same temperature ratings and choose the lighter one in terms of weight too.
  • Insulation typeThere are two types of insulation bags, and each has different pros and cons. The final choice will always be upto you. The synthetic insulation bags are affordable and non-allergic too. Such insulation bags even dry fast. But they are heavier when compared to down insulation bags. Down insulation bags are easy to carry and best for dry and cold weather. Such insulation bags are durable, but you have to spend some few bucks too. Affordable down insulation bags are not made with high-quality material.
  • Size of a sleeping bagBasically you’ll always need extra room to experience a good sleep during cold nights. Rectangular shaped bags are more comfortable and provide extra room for your whole body. Semi-rectangular bags are not everyone’s choice because you have to compromise with your comfort zone. Mummy bags are comfortable, especially when you stretch your legs and hand. Such bags give you that beneficial warm feeling. Double bags are specially designed for couples who want to spend cosy nights. Such bags are big enough to experience a warm feeling.
  • AccessoriesPurchase a bag which comes with extra beneficial accessories such as storage sack and stuff sack. Such accessories provide some extra storage for all your small yet helpful stuff while travelling.

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